An installation of photography for:



Op e n i n g R e c e p t i o n :
May 3, 2012, 7-10pm

Annual exhibition of photography at the Gladstone Hotel
1214 Queen West – Second Floor, Toronto, Ontario
Part of Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival

May 3 -23, 2012

Five photographers turn the lens on themselves to bring into view personal and unshielded aspects of self, be they physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual. Through self-conscious self-exposure, participating artists will reveal their hidden insecurities and personal obsessions as they create a collaborative installation that aims to surge past stereotypes, exploring such questions as what and who defines a personal success or failure, mental health and when does a drive become an obsession and an obsession an addiction?

A collective of five Workman Arts photographers will present individual new works responding to the theme which the group will curate within an assigned exhibition room. The project will be facilitated by Workman Arts Visual Arts Manager, Chris Mitchell.



Participating Artists:

Mark Belvedere is a New York-born, Toronto-based artist working in photography and mixed media. His work centres primarily on topics of spiritual, psychological and political identity, both individual and collective. Recurring themes are power and vulnerability, confidence and hesitancy, isolation and belonging, and the sway between them. Alongside his fine art practice, Mark has worked as an editorial and commercial photographer since 1999. His work has been exhibited at Gallery 44, Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts, Red Head Gallery, Scotiabank Nuit Blanche and CONTACT Photography Festival.


Catherine Jones is a Toronto-based photographer and collage artist committed to both traditional darkroom and digital techniques. Her work explores themes of trauma, memory and the body. Through the use of found text and imagery, anatomical drawings and childhood photographs, she investigates the fragmentation that is a key component of trauma and memory. She has exhibited in Toronto, Ireland and New York City. www.marmiteontoast.com.

Ralph Martin is Toronto born and raised, a photographer, writer, digital artist and curator. His theme is our world. He picks up stray ideas, concepts and bits of the physical world then transforms them into luminous layers, colours, tonal variation and contrast. His work encourages close study and delivers with emotional punch, subject matter twists, serene beauty and gentle humanity.


Marta McKenzie, aka Martallica, is a Toronto based artist. Her black and white drawings and photographs represent the marginalized, the poetic and transcendental and all things reflecting internal complexity. Martallica holds a BFA from York University where she studied lithography, etching and screen-printing. Her work has been displayed in galleries and spaces such as the Gladstone Hotel, Propeller Gallery, Quinn West, Sleeping Giant Gallery, F13, Starving Artist and Hart House Gallery, U. of T. As well, a short film featuring her drawings was screened in The Rendezvous with Madness Festival in 2010.


Annette Seip after many years in the field of science graduating with an MSc from McMaster, turned her talents to photography and digital art. Her award winning photography studies the relationship between order and chaos, isolation and connectedness, light and darkness. She has exhibited in several juried and solo art shows in Mississauga and Toronto, including Britain Street Gallery, Queen Gallery, Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts, Visual Arts Mississauga, Scotiabank Nuit Blanche, CONTACT Photography Festival, and he Royal Ontario Museum and Cooper’s Fine Art Gallery for Touched by Fire. R.M. Vaughan described Annette’s “Ice Diamond” in the Globe and Mail as …”a photograph so dappled with liquid light, it could be mistaken for a Mary Pratt painting.”