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Member artists arrive at Workman Arts with varying levels of experience ranging from emerging to professional artists. Workman Arts is best suited to artists that are dedicated to professionalizing their arts practice through continued training, collaboration and exhibition/performance opportunities.


Professional Training:
Training has been an integral part of Workman Arts’ work since the company’s inception in 1988. Workman Arts offers high caliber training in Film, Literary Arts, Music, Theatre, and Visual Arts delivered by artists and working arts professionals. Programs include classes, workshops, seminars, collaborative projects and other professional activities. Training programs are available free of charge to all member artists.


Presentation Opportunities:
Member artists have opportunity to participate in Workman Arts productions including juried and curated exhibitions, art rental and sales, commissions, theatre productions, publications, Musicians-for-Hire, our annual Rendezvous With Madness Film Festival and collaborations with other arts and mental health organizations.


Studio Space:
The art studios offer member artists the opportunity to develop their practice, refine their work or focus on a specific body of work or project. The studios provides artists with much needed physical space for creating as well as professional space for peer collaboration and mentoring. Artists access the studio free of charge by applying for six month studio sessions or as Artists-in-Residence.

Media Arts Lab:
The media arts lab offers member artists the opportunity to work on a specific project or learn software and skills to achieve their professional and creative goals. Artists access the studio free of charge by registering for studio periods.

Open Studio Space:
Workman Arts rehearsal/training and theatre space may be booked outside of programming schedules and within Workman Arts office hours by individual or groups of member artists, who wish to rehearse, create, practice, or collaborate.

Artists-in-Residence have dedicated studio space to work on independent projects with a monthly stipend and provide peer leadership to mentor other member artists.

Membership Advisory:
The Workman Arts member advisory is a formal group of active Workman Artists assembled to discuss and contribute to the strategic planning and development of WA and its diverse Membership. Advisory members act as ambassadors to support and represent the Membership perspective to Workman Arts, as well as communicating to the Membership on behalf of Workman Arts.

Library and Resources:
Workman arts has a small and growing library of resource materials which member artists may access

Access to Gear:
+ iMac desktops & iMac laptops
+ Adobe Creative Suite software
+ SONY video camera
+ VIXIA video camera
+ Media light kit
+ Boom microphone kit
+ ZOOM field recorders
+ Insta 360 VR camera
+ Photography equipment
+ Sewing machine
+ Printing press table
+ Light table
+ Pianos & electronic keyboard
+ Electronic drum kit
+ Collage materials
+ Screen printing kit
+ Oil & chalk pastels
+ Charcoal & conte
+ Lap looms
+ Textiles & fibers