The Workspace, Tarragon Theatre

30 Bridgman Avenue
June 17, 7pm
Free admission

Director Philip McKee (16.17 Urjo Kareda Residency Recipient at the Tarragon Theatre) has been collaborating with artists Karyn Dwyer, Rita Lianga, Elissa Timothy, Ruby Urlocker, Feaghan Williams, and Lorene Stanwick (also co-directing) who are all members of Workman Arts. They have created 6 original performance works, inspired by personal experiences. Each piece is approximately 10 minutes long, and performed by the creator.

We invite you to attend our free public sharing on Saturday, June 17 at 7pm.

Workman Arts has on-going visual art shows displayed in the lobby at the Tarragon as part of its’ Art Sales & Rental program! 100% of sales goes directly to artists. For information on how to purchase or rent work, contact Visual Arts Manager Claudette Abrams